Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Dr Brent Robinson provides laser gum therapy for happy Saginaw couples

Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment in Saginaw

Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth.  The word periodontal literally means “around the tooth.”

Some of the symptoms related to gum disease are:

  • red, puffy gums
  • bad breath
  • gums that bleed while brushing or flossing
  • and loose teeth resulting from bone loss.

Home care and regular oral hygiene visits to your Saginaw dentist at Blue Sky Smiles are crucial in preventing periodontal disease and maintaining the health of your gums.

What do I do if I have gum disease?

The most common treatment of periodontal disease consists of a careful cleaning of the root surfaces to remove plaque and calculus [tartar] from deep periodontal pockets and remove bacterial toxins.

If you suspect you may have gum disease or if you have been told you need gum surgery, but have been putting it off, let us show you how easy your treatment really can be.

Dr. Brent Robinson is a LANAP dentist in Saginaw licensed to practice the laser assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP™), a minimally invasive method of treating gum disease. LANAP is a laser-assisted procedure certified by the FDA for treatment of periodontitis or gum disease.

With LANAP, gum disease can be treated successfully without scalpels or sutures, so healing and recovery is faster and less painful than traditional gum surgery.

Contact your Saginaw dentist today to schedule a consultation to discuss how you can be evaluated or receive treatment for gum disease. Call (817) 953-2572 to get started and take control of your oral health.