I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

Have you ever heard someone say, “It was worse than a root canal?” Most of us in Saginaw are used to hearing root canals compared to some genuinely unpleasant circumstances, but Dr. Robinson would like set the record straight and

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Are You Singing the Toothache Blues?

Are you or a loved one suffering from the toothache blues? Don’t wait around in pain for the problem to resolve itself. Although, at Blue Sky Smiles, we do enjoy spending quality time with our patients, we don’t want any

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4 Facts about Dental Implants

Most Saginaw residents will lose a tooth at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer. There are numerous ways to fix a lost tooth, but today, Dr. Robinson would like to educate you

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Forget Your Fears with Sedation Dentistry

Don’t be Afraid of the Dentist! We at Blue Sky Smiles know that some Saginaw folks avoid the dentist’s chair like the plague. According to studies at the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, as much as

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The Tooth About Teeth Grinding

Headaches in Saginaw are a dime a dozen. We all know the frustration of having your day interrupted by throbbing, shooting pains in the head. If you suffer from frequent headaches that never seem to go away, Dr. Robinson would like

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The Benefits of Composite Fillings

Traditionally, dentists have used what’s known as amalgam, or special metal alloys, to fill cavities. However, modern dental medicine has advanced to the point that Dr. Robinson can offer Saginaw patients a much better option for filling holes caused by

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Professional Dental Cleanings Make a Big Difference

You’ve been hearing it for years – “make sure to visit Dr. Robinson twice a year for your regular cleanings.” Just in case you’ve ever wondered why regular dental cleanings are so important, we at Blue Sky Smiles would like to

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Smile: It’s Good For You!

Your smile is more powerful than you may know. Scientists have studied many aspects of smiling, such as how it affects your brain, your health, and your overall experience of life. Even the situation you’re in and the people around

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5 Common Dental Myths: Fact or Fiction?

When it comes to ridiculous beliefs on dental hygiene and treatment, we’ve heard just about everything. However, the most dangerous ones usually aren’t quite so over the top. Unfortunately, a number of dental myths are floating all over Saginaw, so

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Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep Apnea in Children You may think being exhausted simply comes with the territory of being a parent (and it does), but there may also be a serious medical condition causing your child to wake up often throughout the night

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