Dental Bridges

No gaps in this Saginaw couple's teeth with dental Bridges from Blue Sky Smiles

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are tooth restorations that fill a space or spaces once occupied by natural teeth. Gaps and spaces that are a result from missing teeth can lead to bite problems and/or shifting or rotating of adjacent teeth.

A bridge is a reproduction of the missing tooth that is anchored to the existing adjacent teeth. Just like a dental crown, a dental bridge can be made of different materials including porcelain fused to metal or all porcelain restorations. Bridges, also sometimes called dental partials or partial dentures, can either be fixed or removable. Removable bridges are anchored with small clasps, and must be removed for proper cleaning and eating.

Fixed bridges are the preferred, more modern solution for replacing a tooth or multiple teeth. Fixed bridges are anchored to the surrounding teeth with the help of dental crowns, and function the same as your natural teeth. Fixed bridges are a more stable, more permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can also be used to preserve the health of the jawbone and add extra security to the restoration.

Restore your smile

Dental bridges can help you regain not only your smile, but your confidence, and your life as it was before missing teeth! No one should have to live with the embarrassment of missing teeth, not to mention the difficulty in speaking and eating. Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge is a great way to preserve your oral health, and restore your smile in form and function!

If you have missing teeth, bite problems or are hesitant to smile or engage in conversation, please contact our Saginaw dental office today for more information about replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge. Give us a call at (817) 953-2572 to schedule a consultation with your Saginaw dentist, Dr. Robinson today.